Card Terminology

MyMilestoneCard Login account online can be of great assistance with the features and the services offered at the official site sign in platform. Check out the card terminology features mentioned hereby.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – The yearly representation of the interest rate. Different insights on a sign in credit card account can have distinctive APRs, for instance, APR for acquisitions or APR for cash approaches.

Bankruptcy – A legal procedure that helps consumers & businesses get rid of their debts & pay their creditors. If you qualify, the bankruptcy court will guard you against certain steps of the bankruptcy procedure, such as data collection activities.

Bank Statement – An officially written record from the credit card issuer that matches the data and all the transactions, such as acquisitions, cash advances, interest fees & charges, credits, and payments, along with the credit card details.

It also incorporates other details, such as refund terms & other information which can help in serving the account holder better online. As a general sign in rule, the card issuer is liable for making services accessible once a month.

Cash Advance – A cash loan for a credit card account, normally through an ATM, bank recession, or paycheck. Actually, the MyMilestoneCard charges a transaction fee for such operations.

Cancellation – Accounting term that defines when an issuer plans that the credit card balance is no longer an asset, but a responsibility. A credit card account as MyMilestoneCard is usually billed after 180 days of the time period. Nonetheless, accounts can be terminated for other reasons, such as failure or fraud.

Credit Bureau – A business that collects & maintains consumer reports and automatically collects or judges public records along with the MyMilestoneCard account details to provide third-party user reports regarding customer credit, creditworthiness, or credit score.